Hey India, you don’t have to worry about the non-returning Indians

Many Indian youngsters move to some developed nation, and promise to themselves, or to their kith and kin that they would return after some fixed period of time. This time period keeps extending, eventually it can be considered as relocation. Excluding the kith and kin, I believe there is very less reason for the rest of the India to worry about this.

Here in this blog, I have tried expressing my perspective on some of the most prominent reasons these people (not necessarily only Non-Resident Indians, NRIs) cite for relocating out of India.

In the forth mentioned arguments, I have excluded the brilliant minds that have to relocate to some developed nation as they have better and challenging opportunities. I have also excluded people who choose to live in the developed nations without citing phony reasons like they do not have a choice etc.

“I grew more confident here, people respect my ability, knowledge etc.”

I think this is completely misleading. These people are aware of lack of prospects for them in India, and they know they could not fetch a similar competitive job in India. We have most of the top notch Multi-National Company (MNCs), better lifestyle, night life, eat-outs, and even the big franchise fast food chain.

To summarize, an under-performing candidate in a pool of talented people would be a much better performing candidate in a pool of untalented people who are of his or lower ability. This is not brain-drain, I would think this phenomenon is good for India, as this pool of people who needs to be filtered out of competition are volunteering to shun the competition. Moreover by not living in India they reduce their contribution of woes, vehicles, or any sort of burden. In fact they help the Indian economy by transferring significant wealth from the developed nation to India thus assisting India in adding forex to our exchequer.

“Life in developed nations is better and comfortable.”

Needless to say we in India lack better administration and of course it has little interest in its citizens’ necessities and comforts. On the other hand, developed nations have a better administration that cares about its citizens. But this is not new to us, we have grown up in this kind of atmosphere all our life till we moved to any other foreign nation. Moreover even though we choose the new place as home, most of the immigrants are granted permanent residency not citizenship. Even though it is a hard to accept, people should realize the fact that every country  has its citizens as top priority over immigrants. And of all, none of the developed nations are really immune from security issues

“Amount of money that can be earned or saved is better.”

Isn’t stupid to provide this argument? Probably, we might not earn same amount of money as the value of dollars converted in Rupee equals to.  When in develop nation, we don’t spend in rupee rather we spend in dollars or some higher valued currency. When I compare cost of living at some place to another place, I would deal in what fraction of total earnings would go towards necessary expenses in the place they reside. In other words, a better metric to compare cost of living is Savings to Earnings ratio. I guess, if we compare on this metric, then there is an opportunity to find jobs with much better monetary rewards in India provided one is competitive to earn it.

“Better research opportunities/ tougher challenges.”

Almost 70% of the Indians who have relocated (not necessarily NRIs) have contributed very little to the advancement in their job, or research they pursue. Of course everyone seems to be proud of their research, but most of them have never accomplished anything ground breaking. I could venture to say most of them actually are not as competent but try to live in the illusion that they are better.

From this blog, I am trying to suggest that India does not have to worry about brain-drain, rather should be glad that the incompetent people have shunned from participation in India.

As mentioned earlier, I would like to reiterate that the above mentioned perspective excludes the real brilliant minds that have to look out for better opportunities and encouragement in other nations. A mere patriotic propaganda urging these brilliant minds would not suffice, instead India has to provide a platform for these brilliant minds to blossom (research funding, encourage start-ups) and thus retain them. It should not be denied that India has been house for hooligans who intimidate the weak and civilized people who tend to shun away from violence, arguments. Thanks to omnipresent corruption, the hope seems illusion. The Bollywood movie, “Shor in the city”, provides an interesting perspective of an overseas Indian who returns to India to establish a business and faces trouble from the local hooligans, corruption, politicians involvement etc.

All in all, India should not be bothered about brain-drain in the context of all the other ordinary Indians’ who have refrained from returning to India. These people might not be having enough confidence to lead similar life in much competitive Indian market. Hence they resort to citing some phony reasons to sanction the guilt and incompetence.

India should focus its efforts to provide a congenial environment and curb non-social elements to encourage investments from Indians and foreigners abroad.

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Walking on the White Carpet

The current post is from the notes I have made when I witnessed snow for the first time in my life, and it was during winter 2007 in Hamburg, Germany.

my feet stamp in snow

I am delighted by the surprise, Nature had for me. Those jasmine flowers made of water lay all over the ground. Its white, crystal white, radiating with brilliance, illuminating the night and it even overshadows the moon. Never ever I thought I would see snow as I spent most part of my life in the warmest climates where temperatures do not subside below 10C. It’s like universe has conspired to make me happy.

I have been a witness of water cycle for years, but the same water in disguise is pleasing. It didn’t hit like the shower of water in the form of rain. It’s floating all over, wind aiding its travel. The gales of wind carried these snowflakes, the touch of these snowflakes created a sense of joy, the epidermis is brought to life, and my heart is fluttering with amusement.

Nature is wonderful. The same two elements Hydrogen, and Oxygen, of water molecules have dressed in different attire. The snowflakes even though they are soft, actually possess a crystalline structure with perfectly hexagonal branches, and they stand as a testimonial to the nature’s craftsmanship. In these moments of joy, I have realized my destiny is to comprehend nature. Here lies my soul, this is the only way I’ll feel contented, and no other occupation can give me this bliss. It’s time for me to set aside apprehensions about whether I have the ability, rather begin the journey.

I want to be a traveler in the pursuit of this destiny instead of being one among the millions who are overwhelmed by reveries.

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Ladder 49… the story of a fireman

I was watching Ladder 49. Well, it was just a story of Fire Fighter, then why did my heart feel heavy. Oh, I do not claim I am emotional, neither I am a philanthropist, nor do I use this space to propagate philanthropy. It just feels good to make difference, live and die for other people. The movie was about an ordinary human who happens to be a fire fighter. Like everyone else he happens to fall in love and of course raises a family of his later. It was a happy going life being shared with the beloved. In the due course, during one of their rescue operations his close friend dies in a fire rescue mission, this does intimidate him when he thinks about the future of his wife and kids if he ever gets trapped in mission, but he does not give up. He is honest in acknowledging it is a dangerous task, but it further motivates him to take up tougher rescue operations. He does save lives of many people and many houses, but eventually he could not escape from the fangs of death in  one such rescue operations. His team does try hard to reach him and he even tries to reach them, but an evolved fire lays in between which makes the rescue mission even more risky. Here the brave fire man Jack Morrison instructs his captain to give up rescuing him; acknowledges it is too late, conveys his love for wife and asks for taking care of his kids, bravely he awaits death. Embracing death is not easy especially when one has no intention of dying

Oh, hell with these words, these do not convey the emotions, perhaps words are not sufficient enough to express emotions, the story of such brave firefighter had made my heart heavier with the weight of tears. Tears, that were subdued in heart as I do not wish my eyes to convey this information to the world.

This reminds me of many incidents where fake alarms turn up due to the lazy people who end up being responsible for turning them on either by smoking when they should not or play a stupid prank. Further more there are other lazy people who do not even respect the fire alarms, even if they were fake it does not hurt to respect the alarm and get out of the place. These lazy people are the extra burden for the fighters and are responsible for the delays in serving the needy. Nonetheless the firemen have to rescue these useless creatures as they are not irresponsible like these lazy good for nothing people who are trapped due to their own lazy attitude.

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The Desert Sands

Deserts…..have always held human attention. The serene and mystic landscape once has been inspiration for the poets and artists. Now ironically, more often it has been part of the pages authored by crime reporters. Well an unholy transformation, now desert sounds synonymous with pain and grief. Do not be mistaken for the natural disasters like sand dunes, humidity as responsible for this transformation. It is the inhabitants of this mystic landscape who have attributed this ill reputation. The silence of deserts is never to be mistaken for peace, for it is adept in treachery.

 Now do not blame violence in this region as the reason for this. The cause is not violence, violence is a result of few irrational men’s endeavour to enforce their opinions on fellow human beings. When we speak about enforcing opinions, we should realise that freedom has been sacrificed. The absence of freedom itself is a hallmark of hell.

 Well to elaborate the thought further, consider Religion. Religion is just an opinion held by many people, existence of GOD provides solace from curiosity to seek answer for hitherto unanswered questions. Of course, it has a benefit, it makes people accountable for deeds so that society can live in harmony. Unfortunately, we have more than one religion, the same idea of GOD has taken multiple forms and some people started dictating terms on behalf of GOD.

 I guess by now the genesis of the problem has been made clear. The transformation has rotten and gave birth of what is called as Religious extremism. Well any extremism is equally irrational. In the whole system, the scapegoats are those who lack free thinking or at least those who do not have respect for others free thoughts. These scapegoats act as carriers who ruthlessly inflict violence on the non-believers of their thought  and free thinkers as well. Hence these scapegoats does not deserve any pity.

 And now to speak about so called benevolent human rights societies who never come into picture to speak against these stuff or when terrorists exercise violence and devastation. But they would occupy spot light when armada attempts to curb these terrorists. Its an ironic parody that the so called human rights societies seek pardon for these terrorists who are the root of the problem. I wonder whether they are ridiculing their own mission and title or if they are being Hippocratic to keep them in job by fostering terrorists and pleading on their behalf.

 Who is the gullible? It is the innocent who end up being victims, to the coward terrorists who have no courage to combat armada but choose to cause panic among civilians. Sometimes what surprises me is  these civilians, who don’t realise who cause much trouble to them the armada or the terrorists but merely point fingers on the armada. Of course, there are events where the armed forces did behave irresponsibly, but at the end of the day its choice of the civilians to decide who is vulnerable to whom.

 The other day I was watching a beautiful woman in a movie from the desert sands.  She was gorgeous, it was only a sight but the impressions has been made to last longer. And that gorgeous angel with voluptuous youth has been constrained in those hostile sands. She can’t reach out for the love she wants, since she is not given an option to choose. My heart goes out for her, but what embarrasses me is if she endorses these berserk who are responsible for all the menace. Neither I could blame her nor I could ignore her. For she  belongs to the fraternity of gullible!!!

 This blog is not penned down to provoke any hard feelings. Its my appeal to all those rational men and women who might be practising terrorism by deeds but not from heart. And hence an attempt to speak to them to choose their destiny by free will, thus saving the gullible.

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